Benjaman Kyle

Who is Benjaman Kyle? Follow us as we search for his identity.

9 Responses to Benjaman Kyle

  1. Gary Gammiero says:

    Have you had Benjaman go to a psychic medium like Theresa Caputo to see if she could get answers from spirits related to Benjaman?

    • Lia Jacobsen says:

      You’ve got to be kidding me. This focuses on scientific and genetic research which has solid, scientific basis. Theresa Caputo uses a magician’s trick called “Cold Reading”. Her show is highly, HIGHLY edited (check out her on unedited live TV programs, and have a laugh- she consistently fails). Anyone can do what Theresa does with a little practice and understanding. One of the best male “psychics” in the world who consistently has the highest rates of hits is in fact a magician who uses it as a tool to show how it’s done and how fake it is. There hasn’t been one “psychic” who could demonstrate these so called ability under controlled conditions.

  2. Is there a way to see if he is related to a family group? He looks like my dad’s family. I mean really looks like them but no one is missing from theirs. The actual family group in the US is huge though. The name is COUSINS. They have been here from late 1700s to now. Started off the east coast and are a lot of places. Cleavland, OH is a main area you see the name. It’s just he looks so much like them, if we had someone missing I would have swore he was but like I said we don’t.

    • Hi Terra,

      I have spent much time in the last four years researching Benjaman look-alikes. From experience, I have found that a resemblance to him is not enough to establish a relationship. Taking a DNA test is much more valuable. We have to be judicious in which people we sponsor testing for, but if you are willing to cover your own test, I can give you more information on what is involved.

      Thanks for writing in. I always apprciate hearing from people. Several contacts have offered valulable leads – you just never know…


      • I was just thinking he could try to go more toward a genealogy testing of DNA. He might not find his family but it might give some main family’s his DNA matches and his genealogy background. At least he would know more about himself than he might now. I would love to do the test but as most people right now I don’t have any funds for it. If at a later date I do, I will make sure to contact you.

      • Hi, That’s just what we are doing. When we get the results of a DNA test on a Benjaman maybe-cousin, we use a family tree compiled from his matches’ families to decide who we should test next. Stay tued…Colleen

  3. Roselvr says:

    Was thinking of you; figured I’d stop in & say hi. Happy spring

  4. sharon gari says:

    Have they ever tried to hypnotize Benjaman to see if his sub conscious remembers his Social Security # or the last town he lived in or the names of family members?

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