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July 2010      Consultant, Elmer Crawford Murder Case, Melbourne, Victoria                               Police Department

–    Assisted Melbourne law enforcement in locating a mitochondrial DNA reference in                 Ireland and Australia for fugitive killer Elmer Crawford who murdered his wife and               three children in 1970 in Australia, to establish whether or not a look-alike drifter in             Texas was Crawford. (He was not.)  See Identifinders Blog entries August 29-                       September 1, 2010, DNA Rule-Out for Cold Case Australia, Parts I & II.

Feb 2010       Consultant, Grim Sleeper Serial Murder Case, Los Angeles                                         Police Department

–    Assisted the LAPD with the identification of the Grim Sleeper Serial Murderer through         comparing his DNA profile with genetic genealogy database.  Was able to confirm killer         was African American along the male line of his family.

Feb 2009       Consultant, Benjaman Kyle Amnesia Victim Identification

–    Directing and organizing efforts, with the help of Benjaman’s advocate, with the                     identification of amnesia victim found in Savannah, GA in 2002.  See story on                        Identifinders website at Benjaman Kyle, the Man without An Identity.

Sep 2008       Consultant, Herman Rosenblat Holocaust Fraud Exposure

–   Strategist and researcher for team that exposed Herman Rosenblat’s soon-to-be-                  published and Oprah-touted best-selling “apple over the fence” Holocaust memoire as a      fraud.  Publication was subsequently canceled.  See story on Identifinders website                Identifinders Strikes Again!  Forensic Genealogists Unmask Another Holocaust Fraud.

Mar 2008       Chair and Organizer, Forensic Science Workshop and Panel                                     Discussion, Defense and Security Symposium, SPIE Optical                                       Society, Orlando, FL.

Feb 2008       Consultant, Misha Defonseca Holocaust Fraud Exposure

–   Strategist and researcher for team that exposed Misha Defonseca’s best-selling                      Holocaust memoir Surviving with Wolves as a fraud.  Read story on Identifinders                website at Misha Defonseca Cries Wolf, Holocaust Fraud Exposed.

2008-2009    Consultant, Amelia Earhart Project

–   Only person to successfully locate a family reference for Fred Noonan, Amelia Earhart’s      navigator for DNA testing the remains found on Gardener Island in the Pacific.

2007-2008    Consultant, U.S. Armed Force DNA Identification Laboratory,                                 Rockville, MD

–   Identification of the Unknown Child on the Titanic – See Identifinders blog            entries Unknown Child on the Titanic August 14-21, 2010.

–   The Hand in the Snow (Northwest Flight 4422) Project – Identification of the          remains of a merchant mariner killed in the crash of Northwest Airlines Flight #4422,          Alaska, March 18, 1948.  Read more on Identifinders website at The Hand in the Snow.

Mar 2007       Chair and Organizer, Forensic Science Workshop and Panel                                     Discussion, Defense and Security Symposium, SPIE Optical                                       Society, Orlando, FL.

2006-2008    Consultant, Hebron Investments, Scottsdale, AZ

–   Locating owners of unclaimed property based on a name and a last known address                sometimes over 20 years old.  Specializing in international locations including Taiwan,          Japan, Hong Kong, Venezuela, Argentina, Panama, Guatemala, the US, Canada, the              Netherland Antilles, Estonia, Lebanon, Morocco, France, Italy, and England.

2006-2007    Consultant, Becker Entertainment, Los Angeles, CA

–   Edited and reworked proposal to Discovery Channel for a series on forensic                            genealogy.  Episodes involved the genealogies of famous people of various ethnic                    backgrounds.


The DNA Detective by Lynn Rosellini sums up very nicely what I would write here on my own.  See her More Magazine article at http://www.more.com/2009/17738-the-dna-detective.

I am the author of three best-sellers in genealogy:  Forensic Genealogy, DNA & Genealogy, and The Dead Horse Investigation:  Forensic Photo Analysis for Everyone, in addition to numerous articles in all the genealogy magazines, GAMES magazine, and Scientific American.

You can order copies by clicking here.

You also might want to check out the website of our company Idenifinders International, www.identifinders.com, where I have posted descriptions of some of the cool projects I have been very fortunate to have been involved in. Click on Case Histories to read about The Unknown Child on the Titanic, The Hand in the Snow, Benjaman Kyle, Smithers-Gray, and the two Holocaust Literary Frauds I have helped expose.  You’ll enjoy reading about them.  Make sure you click on some of the links in the right margin of each page for further information.

Colleen Fitzpatrick, PhD

4 Responses to About Me

  1. Angel Emory says:

    I love this site! It is a fabulous source of information. As a writer, I do phenomenal amounts of research and have to have impeccable sources. Just one issue: there are often incorrect or unconfirmed facts published on the site. I don’t know if this matters to anyone or not, but I would love to be able to use Identifinders as a named or quotable source. The greatest majority of my work is in the True Crime Genre; specifically, I publish detailed accounts of murder, kidnapping, domestic violence & serial killings, the resulting investigations, and their conclusions. Needless to say, it’s not easy to find an intelligent, informative source such as Identifinders. As I said before, I love this site and will keep returning, I would just love even more to use it as a backup to my research and as a quotable/named source. On behalf of victims and their families everywhere, thank you so much for all the work put into this site.

    • Hi Angel,

      I understand your comments about posting unconfirmed facts. I try to be as clear and responsible as possible when I write a post. Sometimes it is difficult to do this, as much of my success is based on intuition, so that it is not easy to explain or to document what led me from point A to point B. If you would like to talk about specific cases, or have some points you would like me to clarify, please write me directly at colleen@identifinders.com


  2. Sharon Posey says:

    I also love this site and will return often.

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