Benjaman Kyle – Indianapolis Birth Announcements – 2 Sep – 3 Sep 1948

Here is a continuation of the list of the birth announcements published in the Indianapolis papers around the date of Benjaman Kyle’s birth, believed to be 29 August 148.

Today’s entry covers 2 Sep through 3 Sep 1948.  I have not researched many of these names.  As I get more information, I will update the list.

If you recognize anyone on this list, please contact me at immediately at

Key (1949 addresses, with current zip codes):

Cole = William H. Coleman Hospital for women, 1000 Michigan St., Indianapolis, 46202
Meth = Methodist Hospital, 1604 N. Capital Ave., Indianapolis, 46202
IGen = Indianapolis General Hospital, 960 Locke St., Indianapolis, 46202
Vinc = St. Vincent’s Hospital, 120 West Fall Creek Pkwy N. Dr., Indianapolis, 46208

Where I have parentheses around a child’s name, the name is probably correct, but should be confirmed.

Date published: 2-Sep-48

Name of parents                       Child            Date birth     Hosp    Address of parents

Boyd, Charles & Betty                                                                    Home    4252 Ralston
Woolwine, Delbert & Betty                                                            Vinc       1016 S. Rybolt Ave
Scott, James & Ina                        James C.         24-Aug-48      Vinc       239 S. State St.
McDaniel, Cecil & Bertha                                                                Vinc      Tyndall Towne
Shoemaker, Don & Mary                                                                Vinc
Rogers, Leo & Dorothy                                                                   Vinc
Fulmer, Richard & Regina                                                              Vinc
Workinger, Verner Jr. & Josephine                                              Vinc      230 N. Oxford
Baire, Joseph & Katherine                                                              Vinc
Squillace, Frank & Anna               Frank G Jr   1-Aug-48           Vinc    810 Greer St.

Date published: 3-Sep-48

Name of parents                       Child            Date birth     Hosp    Address of parents

Spaulding, William & Helen                                                           Meth
Quarasso, Nicholas & Hattie                                                          Meth
Schabel, Theodore & Connie                                                          Meth
Ward, Jack & Margie                                                                      Meth
Kelley, Howard & Ruth                                                                   Meth
Wease, Paul & Jeannette                                                                Meth
Huddleson, Chris & Dorothy                                                          Meth
Brooks, Edward & Florence                                                           Meth
Houghton, Woodburn & Ruth      James P.       24-Aug-48        Meth    6302 E Washington
Tatom, John & Nina                      James E.       26-Aug-48        Meth
Goldstein, Joseph & Victoria                                                          Meth
Newhouse, George & Mary         (Donald J)     26-Aug-48        Meth    512 E North St.
Peacy, Robert & Marthalyn                                                           Meth
Meese, Robert & Mary                                                                   Meth
Jones, Carlis & Mary                                                                       Meth
Hefner, Harold & Marcea             Harold W Jr 24-Aug48          Meth    1921 N Centennial
Butcher, Kenneth & Wilma                                                            Meth
Hostetler, John & Iva                                                                     Meth

There were no birth announcements for Sept 4-5.  The next lists will be for Sept 6-7, 1948.

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5 Responses to Benjaman Kyle – Indianapolis Birth Announcements – 2 Sep – 3 Sep 1948

  1. carl Patrick says:

    Indpls, IN General Hosp. now goes as Wishard Hospital and possibly Reiganstrief (SP?) ( But doubt it is that old)

  2. Ronald DAVIDSON says:

    Mr Benjaman Kyle
    I am one of the Rare Davidson with a G2a DNA that is also looking for answers. Maybe we can help each other. By all means contact me I am probably as confused as you are. Some one changed their name or something. Because I know my Dna don’t match any davidsons but two and they are located in Alaska! I have contacted them an hope they respond.
    Hope to hear from you soon.

  3. Melissa W says:

    Hello, Of the six baby boy first names listed above, for five of them I have located current addresses/phone numbers for these individuals with the exact names/birthdates as above. It appears that there were no other individuals with the exact name/birthdate match, and they all have Indiana address ties . There is only one of the six above whose I haven’t been able to definitively locate, although that doesn’t necessarily mean he is missing. Perhaps it would help to at least rule out the five? I would be happy to forward you the information if you decide you can use it. Thank you-Melissa

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