Benjaman Kyle – Close Calls, Conclusion?

All anyone knew about him was that he was born Robert Lee King in March 1949. To find Jennie King’s remaining son was going to be tough with so little information to go on.

Benjaman Kyle claims his birthdate is August 29, 1948 because he remembers that he was born exactly ten years before Michael Jackson.  But memory is a funny thing.

Carl Litel, Jennie’s second known son, was adopted the day he was born, February 5, 1946. Jennie held him only once before he was taken away.

Carl’s adoptive parents Joseph and Cecelia Litel provided a wonderful home for Carl and his adopted brother James.  The couple also had two natural children who were born several years later, a daughter Elizabeth, and a son John.  Carl’s parents encouraged him in everything he tried.  He studied chemical engineering at Purdue for 3 1/2 yrs, served in the Army, and worked as a substitute teacher after he was discharged.  He eventually went into the restaurant industry, and is now responsible for the design and construction of most of the Indian restaurants in Indianapolis and over half in the State of Indiana. He still lives in the old family home in Indianapolis.

When Carl’s father died in 1967, he discovered his birth certificate among a pile of papers his mother was sorting through from his father’s safety deposit box.  It gave his birth name as Patrick King.  He replaced the certificate in the pile exactly as he had found it without saying anything to his mother.  He did not want to upset her by bringing up a sensitive subject.

Partial List of Possible Jennie Kings

To find out more about his birth parents, Carl went down to the local library and looked up the birth announcements around his birth date of February 5, 1946. He found himself listed as the baby boy of Albert and Jennie King. Unfortunately, Carl discovered that there were 437 Jennie Kings in the census records who were about the same age as his mother, including at least three either living or who had died in Indianapolis.  One Jennie was married to a local doctor, but she was African American.  Two other Jennies were buried in Washington East Cemetery, but there was no reason for Carl to know that one of them was his mother.

Years passed.  In 1995 when his mother died, Carl tried again to find Jennie.  He had recently experienced heart problems, so it became important to him to know his medical history. But he immediately ran into a dead end.  Catholic Charities told him that in order for them to release his adoption records, he had to supply the death certificates of both his adoptive and his natural parents.  Since he had not been able to identify Jennie King, and did not know the name of his natural father, he was out of luck.

Catholic Charities of Indianapolis

Carl once had a chance to learn his father’s name.  The first time he visited Catholic Charities in 1995, the social worker he met with had a thick folder on her desk that contained all of his Catholic Charity adoption papers.  She excused herself and stepped out the room to take a call, leaving Carl with the folder in plain view.  He was tempted to peak inside it or to stuff it into his bag, but thought better of it.  He now realizes that the social worker probably stepped away to give him a chance to have a look at the contents of the folder without breaking the rules of confidentiality.  In a few minutes, his chance was gone.  The social worker returned.  Carl left the meeting knowing nothing more about his biological parents.

Time went by.  Every now and then, Carl would check in with the Catholic Charities to see if there was any chance he could get his adoption records.  Perhaps their policy had changed. He also tried to get the court records pertaining to his adoption from the State Government.  But no luck.

Then one day, Carl got a call from Katrina at Catholic Charities, informing him that she had received a request from someone named Michael who was searching for a missing brother. Katrina had noticed that Michael’s birth mother was named Jennie King.  Katrina put two and two together and realized that Carl and Michael probably had the same mother and that Carl might be Michael’s missing brother.  This was news to Carl, who had never known that Jennie had had any other children.

Jennie Lee King's Death Certificate

Shortly afterwards, Carl was surprised to receive a package in the mail from the State of Indiana containing his legal adoption papers.  Katrina had arranged to have them released. The package contained Jennie Lower’s death certificate, signed by her older brother Jim King with his address in Indianapolis.

Carl looked in the phone book, and was stunned to find that Jim King still lived in the same house he had lived in when Jennie died in 1967.  Carl also started calling all the Lowers in the city directory.  Each one immediately replied, “No, that’s not my family”, until he called Norman Lower who paused for quite a while before he identified Jennie as his mother.

There was confusion at first.  Norman explained that he was born in 1953.  In 1963 when he was ten, Jennie had introduced him to his older brother Michael Davis, whom she explained she had given birth to in 1938 shortly after she graduated from high school. The next surprise was Jennie’s announcement that she had had still another son Robert Lee King in 1949, whom she had given up for adoption when he was three and a half years old. Norman further explained that Mary Davis, Michael wife, had been searching for Bobbie Lee for years but could never locate him, as they did not know his adopted name.

Norman believed at first that Carl was the missing Bobbie Lee, but was surprised to find that Carl’s birth name was Patrick King. Carl was a fourth son that Jennie had not told anyone about.  Bobbie Lee was therefore still missing.

Just in case you are confused, here is a timeline of Jennie’s life that might straighten things out for you…

December 20, 1918     Jennie Lee King (Barnett Rudio) born in Louisville, KY
March 23, 1938            Michael Steven Davis (Michael James King) born in Indianapolis
March 18, 1943            Lillian King, Jennie’s mother dies.  Her life becomes unstable.
1943 -1952                  Michael stays with his mother and in foster homes
February 5, 1946        Carl Litel (Patrick King) born in Indianapolis, adopted at birth
March 1949                  Robert Lee King born in Indianapolis
1952                               Robert Lee King adopted by unknown parents
October 15, 1953         Norman Lower born in Indianapolis
December 29, 1964     Jennie King marries William Lower, Norman’s father
July 10, 1967                Jennie King Lower dies from injuries received in a car accident

Jennie final resting place in Washington East Cemetery, Indianapolis

Things happened fast after Carl spoke to Norman. The two brothers, along with Norman’s wife Denise arranged to meet at Jennie’s grave in the Washington East Cemetery on Memorial Day 2008.  Carl realized that he had actually located his mother years before, but had no reason to know it was her.

In the meantime, Katrina had obtained Michael’s permission to release a few of the papers in his file to Carl.  Evidently, the few documents that still existed about Carl had been mixed with Michael’s. The big folder that Carl had left on the social worker’s desk years before had been lost – perhaps destroyed by a tornado that swept through the county in the late 1990s.

In August 2008, Michael and Mary Davis traveled from their home in Alabama to meet Carl and Norman in Indianapolis.  The three brothers found they had a lot in common – including the still-missing brother Bobbie Lee.

Benjaman on Dr. Phil, October 2008

In October 2008, when Mary Davis saw Benjaman Kyle on the Dr. Phil television program, she contacted the show explaining that she believed that Benjaman could be her husband’s missing brother.  Benjaman told Dr. Phil that he was born in Indianapolis in 1948, was raised Catholic, and had three brothers. He also worked in the restaurant industry.  It seems like a good fit, but Mary did not receive a reply from the show to her request for a DNA test to see if Benjaman was related to her husband and his two known brothers.

The World's Greatest DNA Detective

In October 2009, a friend forwarded Mary the articles about me in the Orange County Register.  I had agreed to the interviews on the condition that the Register feature Benjaman in at least one of them.  Benjaman was included in two of the articles, “Is she the world’s greatest DNA detective?” on October 5, 2009, and “Can she find a name for a naked, beaten amnesiac?” on October 8, 2009. Mary recognized him immediately as the man she had seen on Dr. Phil, and contacted Tom Berg, the author of the series.

Benjaman Kyle, Age Regression

He forwarded her email to me. Coincidentally, we were on the east coast visiting with Benjaman and his advocate Katherine.  I answered Mary right away, realizing this was the best lead I had had for identifying Benjaman.  I hoped he was the missing Bobbie Lee King.

I notified the Center for Human Identification at the University of North Texas in Denton, TX about the King brothers, and started the process of placing an official request that they be DNA tested.  But this would take time.  Meanwhile, my job was to find out what had happened to Bobbie Lee.  But after talking to both Mike and Mary Davis and Carl, I realized that I had nothing to go on to search for him.  His last name could be anything.

A few weeks later, Carl was rereading his papers from Catholic Charities when he saw a note written in the margin that he had not noticed before.  The note consisted of three words that had been crossed out, a first and last name Angelo Bruno*, with the name “Lee” written right below.  Carl guessed that was probably the name of Bobbie’s adopted father that had been mistakenly written on Carl’s papers, then crossed out when the error was realized.

Angelo Bruno's* WWII Army Enlistment Record

I immediately found that there was an Angelo Bruno who had been a soldier stationed at Fort Benjaman Harrison to the east of Indianapolis.  He would have been in the area about the time Bobbie Lee was adopted.  He was also about the right age to be his father.

Searching on genealogical websites, I discovered that there is quite a large Bruno family in Upstate New York, including several Angelos.  I called a few of them, but none of them had an adopted son.

In desperation, I went on Facebook, where I found a Bruno group page.  I wrote to the owner who I was later told lived in South America.  She must have sent out an All Points Bulletin, because about a half hour later, I received a call from a Steve Bruno in Houston who told me he thought he knew the family I was searching for.  Steve told me that ten years earlier, as he was filling out his family genealogy, he had interviewed two unrelated Bruno families from Ohio, including one for Angelo. He told me that Angelo and his wife were deceased, but that his son John* and his daughter Margaret* were still alive. Steve had interviewed Margaret, but she had not mentioned that her brother had been adopted.  It was likely that these Brunos were the family I was searching for, but it was not known whether their son John was missing.

Within a day, Steve contacted Margaret and was informed that her brother John had indeed been adopted, but was alive and well and living in New Jersey, was married with two children, and working in the insurance industry.  She had recently spoken with him and he was fine.  John was without doubt the missing Bobbie Lee King.

This was a major disappointment for everyone. We had been looking forward to solving several enduring mysteries all at one time.  Had things worked out otherwise, Mike, Carl, and Norman would have found their missing brother, and Benjaman would have found his mother and his identity.

We had already begun to organize DNA testing to see if Benjaman matched the brothers. Since they all had the same mother their mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) would be identical. If Benjaman’s Y-DNA matched the Y-DNA of any of them, he would have at least found a full brother, and had a clue to who his father was.


In December 2010, it occurred to me that it was perhaps premature to put this close call in the inactive file. We had confirmed that Benjaman was not Bobbie Lee King, Jennie’s third son who had been missing for the last sixty years. But what about still another child she had not said anything about?

Jennie King Lower as an older woman.

I took a closer look at Jennie’s life.   Between 1946 after Mike started to go to foster homes and Carl had been adopted by the Litels, and 1949 when John (Bobbie Lee) was born, we do not know much about Jennie. Her life was unstable, she moved around a lot. No one kept good tabs on her.  Catholic Charities does not seem to have a record of any other children for Jennie, but there were several other adoption and child welfare agencies in Indianapolis that Jennie could have gone to if she were pregnant.

The thread of circumstance that had brought Jennie’s four sons together was very fragile. Had Carl’s mother not left those papers out on the table in 1967, and had Katrina at the Catholic Charities not noticed Jennie King’s name turn up in simultaneous requests from both Michael and Carl 41 years later, Carl, Michael and Norman would probably never have been reunited. And had Angelo Bruno’s name not been mistakenly written in the margin of Carl’s adoption papers in 1952, John would have probably never had been identified. Perhaps there are other parts to the story that are still to be discovered.

Jennie had kept Carl a secret from his brothers. Whose to say she didn’t have other secrets? Maybe Benjaman will turn out to be a fifth missing brother.  Maybe he was given up at a very young age to an orphanage, but never adopted, so that’s why he cannot remember his parents and only vaguely recalls he had three brothers. Maybe he had a fourth brother named Norman who was born later.

I’ve restarted the procedure to file an official request with the Center for Human Identification to DNA test Michael and Carl.  I’ve also begun contacting various social service organizations in the Indianapolis area to ask them to search their records.  Carl has had long conversations about Indianapolis with Benjaman that have indicated Benjaman lived there at least between 1954-1963.  Although Benjaman believes he was raised a Catholic, he recalls almost nothing about the Catholic schools in Indianapolis during that era.

While the Indianapolis Catholic Archdiocese has not yielded useful information, I’ve found that the Indianapolis public school (IPS) records are organized by child’s name, and that each record contains his birth date, parents’ names, addresses, schools attended, and sometimes more.  I plan to ask the IPS system to search for someone of Benjaman’s description.

But then again, who knows if his real name is Benjaman as he thinks? Or if his birthdate is August 29, 1948?  And if he was adopted his last name would probably not be either Powell or Davidson or even King.

Benjaman’s has only two hopes of being identified. One is to find a DNA match, but we don’t know when one will come along. The other is locating someone who can identify him. So if you recognize him, please contact me immediately at  We hope that the next close call will be our last.

Part I, Part II, Part III, Conclusion

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63 Responses to Benjaman Kyle – Close Calls, Conclusion?

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  4. CeCe Moore says:

    Was John Bruno the missing Bobbie Lee King? Did he DNA test?

  5. Yes he was. The family had not contacted him yet – they are planning to soon. But there is so much that tells us he is the missing brother – his birth date is right, and his sister confirmed he was adopted by Angelo and his wife, etc. If I had not found John myself, I would have thought that Benjaman was without doubt the missing brother. Alas, not to be, unless he is not THAT missing brother but an additional one. Stay tuned for the results of the DNA testing.

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  8. Pat says:

    What ever happened? I would think after 2 years, the DNA process would be completed regarding Benjaman. It seems everyone just gave up on this guy.

    • Over the last four years, I have made great progress on using DNA to indentify Benjaman. It has been an uphill battle, with incremental victories getting us closer and closer to an identification.

      While interest in his case from the general public has waned, I have been relentless in searching for DNA clues to his identity. Early testing led us to an large Powell family in the western Carolinas. Subsequent tests that have ruled out certain branches of that family, have served to guide us to branches that yield closer relations.

      To help make sense out of the overwhelming amount of data provided by this kind of DNA testing, I have developed several tools for analyzing the DNA his autosomal matches. 23andMe is collaborating with me, having donated several kits to test possible Benjaman relatives. We also have a private donor who has sponsored several more tests. These tools have also contributed to my pilot study on identifying the Child Survivors of the Holocaust – another collaboration with 23andMe. (See part-i-identifinders-international-announces-dna-study-for-child-survivors-of-the-holocaust).

      Identifying Benjaman has taken much longer than I anticipated when I first jumped into the project in 2009 at the suggestion of Jim Barrett. But I am not giving up, and plan to continue for as long as it takes. Stay tuned for further developments.

  9. Mia says:

    Has anyone thought about checking sperm donor places?

  10. Giu says:

    I would like to know if you have some results..poor man :(( Please tell him that he has a support from Croatia 🙂

    • We are in touch with a group of 2nd cousins from the Western Carolinas who are cooperating with us in our search. Also, we are collaborating with the DNA testing company 23andMe for additional testing and analysis as we search the family tree for possible Benjaman-candidates. We hope to have an announcement soon. Colleen

  11. Laura says:

    You’re in touch with Benjaman’s 2nd cousins?

  12. Helena says:

    Did you get answers from DNA tests if he was in fact a fifth brother?
    I’m am very interested in this case, since it’s my biggest fear to get amnesia and no one would look for me. I hope you find out where in this world he belongs and with whom.

    Support from Denmark

  13. KJH says:

    Maybe this is dumb of me to suggest, but has anyone thought of comparing Benjaman’s DNA through APHIS?? I’m not saying he was a criminal, but it could very well lead to relatives who may be in the database.

    • There are no “dumb” suggestions!

      You must be referring to IAFIS (usually pronounced “Aphis”), the Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System the FBI uses. We compared Benjaman’s fingerprints to the IAFIS database a long time ago – no hits. You might be confusing IAFIS with CODIS, the FBI’s DNA database. Using IAFIS cannot lead us to relatives in the database. Either there is a hit to a given person’s fingerprints or there isn’t. However, it is possible to search for family members through partial matches in CODIS. The only limitation is that there aren’t many states that permit this type of “familial matching”. We’d have to check on what jurisdiction he belongs to, and whether that type of search is permitted. Thanks for the suggestion!


  14. Roselvr says:

    I’m not so convinced the birth date or name is accurate, as you say; memory is a funny thing. Do you remember that he remembered what appeared to be a social security number when hypnotized? I have that info still if you have not seen it.

    • Hi,

      No one can say whether his birth date or name are accurate, but that is the best we can go on for now. The names Benjaman and Kyle might have been taken from a relative or a friend. We don’t know.

      I am aware of the partial social security number he remembered, but we don’t have any way of knowing if his memory was accurate or not.


  15. Stephenie says:

    did he know the 1st three numbers of his social security number? as this would give a geographical location in which to start looking?

    • We’ve studied those numbers, but who knows what they mean? The prefix he remembered belonged to WI and MI. I will have to remember. But it really doesn’t help unless you have a nam to search on.


      • Roselvr says:

        3×5-44-xxxx or 3×5-45-xxxx
        I researched some in December-
        305- Indiana

        315-44-XXXX – Indiana

        325-44-XXXX – Illinois
        335-44-XXXX – Illinois
        345-44-XXXX – Illinois
        355-44-XXXX – Illinois

        365-44-XXXX – Michigan
        375-44-XXXX – Michigan
        385-44-XXXX – Michigan

        395-44-XXXX – Wisconsin

        There is no xxx- 45 SS number

  16. Mich says:

    Could he be Canadian?

  17. Rachel says:

    Dental records??? Or Has he been to these places he recalled after the incident. My mother had a high school friend who had brain surgery for a tumor. Some how or another after the surgery she was diagnosed with amnesia and couldn’t recall most of her younger years. My mother ran into her several years after the surgery and she explained why she couldn’t remember her. Upon further conversation she did say most of her memories were peiced together after she had been somewhere familier. I’m sure this is also case by case and depends on the severity of the injury. But maybe having Benjamin spend some time around those places may help him remember something more. Maybe even the smell of an old building or restraunt. My elementry school still smells the same as it did when I attended there 20 years ago. A women I work with has a frangrance that reminds me of my grandmothers house that I haven’t been too since I was 4 years old. I didn’t recall the memory until I smelled her frangrance. I know I don’t have amnesia but I strongly believe our subconcious works the same. I very much hope and pray his identity is discovered.

  18. Romeo says:

    Are there any positive news?

  19. Mel C from Townsville, QLD, AUSTRALIA says:

    I just wanted to find out if there has been any progress with finding Benjamins family? I just watched the Dr Phil show tonight and it has got me hoping that he finds his family. I am saddened that noone has come forward who is his family.

    • Hi Mel,

      I’ve made a lot of progress, actually. I have a lot more clues about where his family is from. No ID yet, but maybe in the near future. Watch this space.


  20. I have been searching yearbooks of catholic schools around the date he should have graduated, starting in WI. and I was slapped in the face with a picture I discovered. I have posted it on the 2 FB sights that are searching for who he is.

    Please take a look, I know so many others have tried to find pictures in missing persons, but honestly none look like him to me, BUT this high school photo in the 1968 Catholic Memorial High school year book is a dead ringer!!!

  21. sharon gari says:

    Colleen, I was really scrutinizing Jenny’s pic and the brothers and find it hard to believe they are not related! The brother and Jenny look like Benjaman! Their facial features, even the mother’s are his! Also, has anyone made any headway as to where he could have been from 1980-2004? It seems like he was born in Indianapolis but went to college maybe in Colorado and can remember events there up to about 1980. He mentioned he remembered when a grocery store chain merged with Kroger in Co. Ironically, the man who own the chain was named Lloyd J. King and also resembles Benjaman. I thought possibly he was a grandfather and that maybe Ben remembered it so well because it was the family business, which he seems to know so much about! I couldn’t find the actual obituary to see if it listed children and grandchildren, maybe you could follow that up. Who knows, maybe he got transferred to the North Carolina area or Georgia. We need to find out what Ben was doing during those 24 missing years and how he ended up in Georgia. I think you are doing a great job so far btw, Colleen!

    • Hi Sharon,

      Thanks for the attaboy. This has been a long haul.

      We don’t think that Benjaman is related to the brothers from Indianapolis, but you never know. We’ve found the missing brother mentioned in the article, but there could have been others.

      Thanks for the lead with the King family. Never thought about that.


  22. Amelia says:

    Colleen, are you still working on this case? On the “finding benjaman” facebook page there have been 2 separate accounts of people who have specific memories of benjaman, and both believe his name to be Dale. One woman in particular believes that he was an employee of hers at Dominos in Indianapolis in the early 90s. Here is a link to the page, and these posts are in the “posts by others” section.

    • Hi Amelia,

      Thanks for the lead. I will check it out right away. I think someone else has forwarded me this lead through email. I just had a meeting with an FBI agent who has worked on the case last week.


      • Advocate says:

        Colleen; here is one link to the post about Dale. Will post the 2nd Dale in another reply
        Theresa Burk posted to Finding Benjaman – August 10 at 3:59am ·

        Is there anyway you lived in Indianapolis, IN in the early 1990’s? You look like an employee of mine back then. His name was Dale. Although my husband says Dale wore glasses and had a rounder face. I first saw your photo and this story moments ago and my first thought was Dale from my work. I am trying hard to remember a last name and have posted your photo to my FB page as most my friends and family are in Indy. I am 48 years old but my Uncle and Aunt are in their early 60’s so the age groups are covered. hopefully one of us will remember. I just have NO DOUBT I have met you in Indianapolis. I will keep probing my memories and digging for old papers I have.

        Theresa Burk – August 10 at 11:50am – My husband says Dales last name,he thinks, started with L and sounded French. I am still hunting stuff down.

      • Advocate says:

        Chris Oldham posted to Finding Benjaman
        April 26 at 3:37am ·

        ok, its been since 1993, so its kinda a longshot but here goes – I remember you going to Panama City, FL from Arkadelphia, AR with us in a white 4 dr car(Oldsmobile 98 I believe). me, you and Linda & Ed and their kid Jeremy went to Panama City from the apartments/motel there. We stayed at a little place and Linda kicked you out, so you were homeless in Panama City Beach. I know you made it cause you ended up staying at her Mama’s house there on the beach. Linda kicked me out a week after she kicked you out. anyway the very last time I saw you was @ the Jr store there going TO the beach from Panama City, and THAT was 1994 arounf March I believe and that’s all I got, mabey itll help you and maybe it wont, – OH I dont remember your LAST name but I know your name is Dale. Sorry I couldnt be more help

      • Hi Colleen,
        The part about Benjamin remembering when Kroger merged with a grocery chain caught my attention. In 1999, Kroger purchased the Pay Less grocery chain in Indiana. It had only eight stores in the entire state-all of the stores were located in Lafayette, West Lafayette, and Anderson. West Lafayette is also a college town, Maybe you check with the student newspaper to see if they could run an article about him-maybe a longterm college faculty member might recognize him as a former employee.

      • Thanks for the suggestion! It’s kind of a long shot – but who knows?

  23. Roselvr says:

    Colleen; have you uploaded his raw data to any of the other sites? You probably know all of this but in case you do not; I want to leave the info…
    I’ve been helping a gal find her missing daughter that she put up for adoption in 74. She went missing in 1989 at age 14; bio-mom was contacted for DNA to rule out remains. We went to a bunch of adoption FB groups where I found a post saying there are groups of DNA search angels who will help you. As you’ve probably seen; 23andme has a 20% off deal. There are a lot of people like me with back issues that have submitted their DNA; in turn, helping adoptees get closer to their bio family. So in addition to people like me, you now have adoptees testing their DNA; which has made the database even larger. I know that most adoptees do not know their bio-family; but some do have names & other information to go on. If you run across an adoptee; ask if their state allows them to order non-identifying info. You wouldn’t believe how many do not know this.

    They said that once you get the raw data; upload to for about $99 and to GEDmatch and DNA Tools; both free.

    GED Match – FREE Tools for DNA and Genealogy Research *Note; some of site down
    DNA Tools FREE – has all of the links you’ll need
    DNA adoption Yahoo Groups
    adoption DNA Yahoo Groups

  24. Lizette says:

    Colleen, I just heard about Benjaman through a blog that I follow. I’ve been telling my friends about him and not one had heard about his story until now. This just tells me that there hasn’t been enough media coverage on Benjaman. Have you had any luck finding anyone related to him? I’m a 23 year old college student from Texas so I definitely wouldn’t know anything about him personally nor would my family/friends. But I will post Benjaman’s story on my social networking sites to spread the word. I really hope he can find his family. Good luck.

    • Hi Ninos,

      Yes Benjaman has received intense media coverage. He was on Dr. Phil a few years ago, and I personally contacted numerous media outlets in various cities of interest to run articles on him. You can read about the leads I followed to no avail. I spoke to The Restaurant on the Hill owners and several of the former managers and workers, but none of the leads they provided panned out. The restaurant has been closed for a long time.

      We have recently discovered new information about Benjaman, including where his mother came from, and her probable last name. We also know where he worked and what he did for a living. We have been close to discovering his identity for a long time, so I am cautious about predicting when we will bring the mystery to an end.

      Just stay tuned, and keep in touch.


  25. Savannah says:

    Has any effort been made to use facial recognition software, like in the show catfish? obviously he is not “fake person” but their resources have taken one picture and found the true identity, it would be very possible that someone may have taken his picture and put it online at some point in his life. It would actually been strange if he had never had a picture placed on the internet until his search started.

    • Yes, we’ve had the DMVs in several states run his picture through their facial recognition systems. I’d have to look at my notes, but for sure one of the states was Indiana. In that case, the closest match was 60%.

      Not all states have facial recognition capability. And when a DMV does have it, the database usually goes back only to the 1990s. At the time we tried facial recognition software on Benjaman, photos from the 1980s and earlier had not yet been entered into the system. So if Benjaman had a drivers license beforethat, he would probably not be detected by the system.

      Keep in mind there are two kinds of facial recognition software. One-to-one and one-to-many. The one-to-one software is less expensive and therefore more common. One-to-one facial recognition softwre is able to match someone against one other photo. It is used to compare the face of someone who renews his drivers license with his picture taken a few years earlier upon his previous renewal.

      The one-to-many search routines compare the photo of an individual with many photos in a database. One-to-many software packages have more capabilities, but they are also more expensive. Since a DMV usually only needs to verify that the person renewing his license is the same person who renewed his license before (a one-to-one process), a DMV will typically not have one-to-many software capabilities.

      Since only a few DMVs have facial recognition software, and their databases are not complete, our efforts to use this kind of technology to identify Benjaman have not been successful.


  26. Jeannie says:

    Hi Colleen! I have been sucked into this rabbit hole thanks to a thread on Reddit today.

    Will you continue your research despite BK seeming to have withdrawn his support/desire to reach a conclusion?

    I have been researching this case all morning and would love to see a definitive identification! You are a very intriguing and thorough writer and researcher – I have enjoyed reading your blog.


  27. Sus says:

    LOL thus the burger King connection. LOL!

  28. Sus says:

    LOL thus the burger King connection. LOL! It is interesting that someone who has enlisted the support of the public now is playing games. The tide has definitely turned in the sense that people don’t believe him to be the least bit genuine whereas they apparently did earlier on. This is a study in how to turn the public against you!

  29. Sus says:

    Looks like this is a faker who has enlisted the support of the public and then has played games ever since.

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