Western Hospitality Expo

We are on our way to the Western Hospitality Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center on August 12-14 to speak with representatives of the restaurant industry about Benjaman. Since he worked in this industry, we hope we will find someone among the attendees who recognizes him.  To read more about Benjaman, see his Wikipedia article.


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Rocket Scientist turned world class Forensic Genealogist.
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One Response to Western Hospitality Expo

  1. Judy Pfaff says:

    Great research! Especially interesting that the bag lady, though found, had to be protected as the truth could lead to a violent end for her. It is important to weigh the consequences of revealing information. How will it affect the lives of living people? Then, sometimes after many years have passed, it is all right to unite families and a positive outcome is a very satifying reward. Every story is different in characters and situations. I do hope you can find Benjamin Kyle’s true name and family. And, do keep telling us about your research as we learn from it too.

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