Happy Reunion

Identifiers is happy to have reunited Bonnie Dodson and her dad in July 2010 after 55 years.  Bonnie is looking forward to meeting the rest of her new family.  We are just thrilled to have been an important part of bringing about such a happy ending!

Colleen Fitzpatrick PhD


About identifinders

Rocket Scientist turned world class Forensic Genealogist.
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3 Responses to Happy Reunion

  1. Bonnie Dodson says:

    Colleen Fitzpatrick has been instrumental in finding my birth father. Through Colleen’s tireless effort of being a genealogist and specializing in DNA she was able to locate my birth father after 55 years. What a miracle worker she is! I never would have even known what his name was nor would I have ever met him if it wasn’t for Colleen Fitzpatrick! I am so grateful, because on my 55th birthday I met my birth father thanks to Colleen! With much admiration, Bonnie Dodson

  2. Pnina Gutman says:

    It’s exciting, and unbelievable ! I wish the same to happen to me….. Pnina Gutman (Israel)

  3. Ron Fitzpatrick says:

    I wish to thank you for sharing your work in helping to find our
    Margaret Mary’s lost brother Charles McNulty. It has now been going on for over 3 Years, but
    like normal with you on your side of the world and Me on this side he will
    turn up,

    Thanks for Speaking at our Congress in March, it was a very Successful

    I am a Free Genealogy Researcher that does this sort of thing as a Hobby.

    “OH For A Happy Ending”

    Ron Fitzpatrick.
    (Not Related)

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